Term & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The utilization of our website and any of our services are given on the strict understanding of the underneath Terms & Conditions and those composed within our emails. The law of England and Wales will be utilized to settle any lawful dispute.

Our service is provided by Web Design Room Group, Regent Street, Soho, London W1B 5TR


1) At the bottom of every page we will be credited has website designer (even if our client changes the website. Just as along as any of our work is on the website or in the coding we will be credited as web designer) with our chosen anchor text. There will be up to 3 URL leading back to our website(s) with up to 10 words used in the text of these links. If any of these are removed at any point the client will pay us an additional £15,000.

2) It is the responsibility of the client to provide any and all of their requirements within the Design Brief, including placement of image, sizes of images, colours, links (URLs) etc. Anything that is not provided within the Design Brief  will not be used to create the website.

3) Our client agrees to provide all images and text for their website within the design brief. The client accepts and agrees that our design team will source/write suitable images/text if these are not received with the design brief.  Our standard charge of £25 per image, and £125 per page of text will become payable if our team provide any text or images.

4) Our client accepts that we will not include anything within a website that we create that could damage the reputation of our company.

Extra Charges

Our Customers agree to pay the below additional changes for additional services:

1) Additional contact style forms will be charged at from £125 each

2) All quoted prices are on the strict condition that the website is hosted by Web Design Room. An additional charge of £2750 will become due if a website is hosted elsewhere.


Payment Policy

1) Payment instalments will be made in full before we begin a section of work, unless agreed in writing before hand. The final payment must be paid before the final 25% of the project is started.

2) Customers that are offered a payment term where we agree a final payment instalment can be made once a project is finished agree that this payment term will be withdrawn if we have reason to believe we'll have difficulty receiving that, or any, payment. Full outstanding payment will therefore become due before any further work is undertaken

3) Payment instalments are made by means of Credit/Debit card/Bank transfer or PayPal.


Cancellation Policy

1)  Our services can be cancelled at any point; however, we do not provide a refund on any services that have been cancelled. Full outstanding payment will also become payable, unless the contract is cancelled within 14 days as per your right under The Consumer Contracts Act 2013. Once the customer as instructed us to start, by completing our design brief, the customer agrees to surrender that rights of cancellation under this Act.