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  • Sharp Savory

    Sharp Savory

    Sharp & Savory Responsive, Web Design Sharp & Savory is a passion project that started with the urge to want to refresh my coding…

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  • Brookfield Homes

    Brookfield Homes

    Brookfield Homes Mobile, Web Design The purpose of re-designing the Brookfield Homes Communities section of the website is to help families find their perfect…

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  • Munchkinetics


    Munchkinetics Branding, Web Design This is the Munchketics brand and website concept, developed as a playful website for parents to learn more about how…

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  • Carlsberg Canada

    Carlsberg Canada

    Carlsberg Canada Web Design Web design for a total haul over of the Carlsberg Canada website to match the global brand. Hint: It's green!…

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  • Honda Motorcycle Mobile

    Honda Motorcycle Mobile

    Honda Motorcycle Mobile Mobile, Web Design Wire-framed and led the design on the Honda Motorcycle mobile website that allows user to navigate through all…

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  • NASA Space Apps Challenge

    NASA Space Apps Challenge

    NASA Space Apps Challenge Branding, Web Design My team competed in and won 1st place in Toronto's NASA Space Apps Challenge, a 48-hour challenge…

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